Starting E-learning
Saturday, May 22, 2004
Ah I have finihsed.

Towards the end there - I need some interaction with other people! There were a few tmmes that questions were worded in a way that require clarification. Unforunatley due to the nature of this program and the environment it is in, there was not one who could provide the support.

Over all there were a few things that need to be fixed. Some of the recordings were shocking. Where as others had none at all. This was ok but hey werent consistently spread through the entire course.

I really like the use of a chacter that leads the learner through the interaction. You start expecing that it will highlight the important information that you need to take additional notes on.

The customer interactions were good. I enjoyed the role plaay but it could have been improvied if it provided specif feedback. I was still very unimpressed with being told "NO" when getting something incorrect. It felt like I was at school.

I would have like to have seen a scratch pad on the desk top to make additional notes.

Overall this is a better result than what we haveseen fso far for this company in the form of Online Learning.
I am half way there! This course has not been too bad my interaction has been high. But the feedback from the course is generated. Particually find frustrating that if yuou get an answer incorrect, you are told NO!... This is very poor in design. The first time I read that I was shock and fgelt demotivated. At least I know that my job is not riding on this - people who are coming in to the organisation could feel differently. They could yuse - Try again or that answer is not correct, refer back.....

Friday, May 14, 2004
Starting this piece of e-learning will be interesting as the last few course issued by corporate have been awful. The courses that I have chosen to complete have been written by the Strategies Team with in my division. I am looking forward to seeing what they have produced as there has been a big push on making it better.

This form of learning will be interesting. My main concern is that the course will be similar to a page turning exercise. My last experience was like this. The best i have seen so far had sound.

Sunday, April 04, 2004
Thanks for inviting me to your blog Scott - I promise not to write all over it!
Saturday, April 03, 2004
Today has been great. The interaction from the group is what I have needed to get started. I have missed the discussion with people about their workplaces and how it impacts them.

The ideas of blogs are great. I could see potential for our induction program that we are redesigning.

Friday, April 02, 2004
Concerns with E-Learning

I have a few concerns about e-learning.·
Some business units will see this as the only option in delivering material and removal of trainers. This is concerning as it means the learning environment will change and the learner may not have the support required through their learning. ·

A BIG FEAR! Someone will think that all they need to do is load workbook on line and let people turn the page on a screen rather than on paper. This can be very de-motivating to learning as it does not consider different learning styles. ·

People who are not computer savvy, may have ideas that this will be harder than completing a face to face session·

If a brilliant piece is developed but the learner is unable to access it due to the bandwidth or equipment does not support the program. Leaves a negative impression on the learner.
My experiences with E-Learning

I have had varied experiences with e-learning over my training career. From training over teleconference to more sophisticated web based applications with sound and graphics. My expectation of online courses is to engage participants through the learning in a way that does not simple involve page turning.

In recent times I had to complete an introduction to our Learning Management System (LMS) and an Occupational Health and Safety Course. These were the first attempts of my current organisation of online learning. Unfortunately it was a bad experience for a few key reasons. ·

The material was basically what you would see in a workbook. It felt like a page turning exercise.·

The skills checks and assessments were poorly worded and did not reflect some of the learning that occurred in the session. ·
It was a very vanilla presentation. By this I refer to the look and feel. While I appreciate that sound, graphics and motion pictures take a lot of bandwidth, it looked as though it was just generic version of an off the self program.

With this in mind I expect that through different activities participants should be able to discover their own learning. I also expect that the delivery is blended between classroom, discussion and interaction with other learners/tutors where appropriate.
If only I could employ an elearning solution for the current project I am working on. The business that I am working for would like to have the material delivered in a shorter space in time, would like to the training to be selfpaced and also classroom based. We have had to go with a paper based option of everything because the information we need can not be published quick enough on our internal help system! If only we could update our technology to support over night change rather than waiting for a week and it being out dated!
18/3 - Ahh I am making my way through the readings. I am finding some of the perceptions of e-learning that are noted in the reading are similar to what my division at work believes it to be. I am looking forward to getting more into the concepts of e-learning and ways of blending the solutions to meet needs of the learner and business units.
Finally I have found out how to place my blog entries online! While it will look like all my entries have occurred at once they have been worked on over the beginning of the course but placed in word!

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